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Choose your (scalable) projects, control what you do,
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Choose your (scalable) projects, control what you do, work at a convenient time,
and get paid for the results!

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DevOps Engineer

“If you have in-depth expertise with bulletins below, we’d undoubtedly like to gig you with us!”
Key Responsibilities➜
  • The role is to work in web application security assessments and hands-on techniques for identifying SQL injections, XSS, CSRF, authentication, and OWASP top 10 issues
  • Provide expert advice and recommendation to the web application tech team
  • Taking ownership of Managing server Access and enforcing a security policy
  • Periodic performance Audits/Security reports and relevant fixes
  • Establishing backup systems/ plans and monitoring server logs
  • Fixing server technical issues the Website faces
Technical Experience➜
  • Good knowledge of WAF security technologies for secure software development, such as cryptography, authentication techniques, protocols, etc
  • Experience in both commercial and open source tools and exploitation Identifying exploiting business logic framework-related vulnerabilities
  • Experience in removing false positives, analyzing dynamic scan webinspect, appscan reports on priority
  • Experience with security appliances/LDAP
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Demand generation executive

“Developing and executing short- and long-term multi-channel campaigns to develop and cultivate long-term customer relationships”
Need to ➜
  • Develop, maintain and execute demand generation plans aligned with business goals.
  • Develop a deep understanding of customers, products, and the buyer’s journey.
  • Create personas tied to specific customer needs and preferences.
  • Collaborate and build programs that support sales enablement.
  • Leverage lead management to streamline marketing tasks.
  • Measure, analyze, and report campaign performance.
  • Offering various digital marketing concepts to a diverse client base.
  • Develop a market for the services in the assigned business categories.
  • Procure new clients through direct contact, digital campaigns, and other marketing approaches.
Must be ➜
  • Critical Listener
  • Balanced Negotiator

React/WordPress Senior Analyst

“Contribute and collaborate with a bunch of sharp minds and create digital creds”
Need to ➜
  • Excellent in React JS concepts/ WordPress development with a minimum 4 years of experience
  • React.js/Redux development  – involves responsive development, reusable and testable modules, and components
  • WordPress proficiency includes Designing and managing the Website back-end, database, and server integration.
  • Familiar with Javascript, Jquery
  • Experience using REST API Integration with web pages
  • Understanding client and server request architecture
  • Experience in Git/bitbucket
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
Must be ➜
  • Solution seeker
  • Tech Juggler

User Interface Designer

“You will be part of a collaborative and innovative team of functionaries and stakeholders to create easy-to-use digital properties”

Need to ➜

  • Ability to translate business requirements into designs
  • Designing/Building the interface, navigation, and aesthetic of websites for businesses and clients.
  • Designing engaging and responsive landing pages and Mobile First design
  • Understanding client brand/style guidelines
  • Industry and design best practices
  • Must have worked on animation tools (Create Animation/Video editing and presentation)
  • Work with marketing/research teams to incorporate brand elements/relevant market research findings
  • Experience in Design tools and plugins incorporating UX methodologies
  • Designing engaging and responsive landing pages
  • Website functionality and stability across devices, i.e., desktop, mobile, tablet
  • Must have a strong interest in following the latest design trends

Must be ➜

  • Compulsive ideator
  • Digital hippie

Marketeer - Email Campaigns

“Contribute and collaborate with a bunch of sharp minds and create digital creds”
Need to ➜
  • Implement, and monitor automated campaigns across email and web
  • Experience in Pardot implementation, configuration and  data migration
  • Industry standards, benchmarks, and a set-up to ensure deliverability and optimized CTRs.
  • Design, implement, and monitor automated campaigns across email and web and recommendations on how to optimize further
  • Full Internal audit of systems, settings, formatting, and best practices for B2B Email Campaigns
  • Communicate project outcomes to project stakeholders
  • Strong understanding of marketing KPIs, such as email marketing and marketing conversion metrics
  • Reporting and analyzing campaign activity using Pardot reports and can make recommendations to the business
  • Track record for delivering marketing automation projects
  •  Reporting and analyzing campaign activity using Pardot reports and can make recommendations to the business
  • Understanding of automation Rules and Segmentation
  • prospect categorizations  to be used in various marketing communications in a B2B environment
  • At least 3 years of experience in delivering marketing automation projects
  • At least 2 years of B2B marketing experience
  • Minimum of at least two Pardot implementations
  • Experience with mapping and implementing an end-to-end marketing campaign
  • B2B Marketing experience, either client-side or agency
Must be ➜
  • Pardot expert
  • Campaign wizard

Content & Research Strategist – Junior

“You will join a team and be part of a collaborative and innovative team of developers and stakeholders to create visually delightful and simple digital products”

Need to ➜
  • Work closely with the Marketing, SEO, and Design teams and develop/manage content
  • Create content, manage and monitor the company’s social media accounts and build constructive interaction with users
  • Create research-based content and social media plans and generate metric-based insight reports
  • Outline and implement necessary changes & strategies to the digital marketing plan
  • Should be able to ideate creatives & content for B2B and B2C domains
  • Research and develop communication content for slides, handouts, infographics, posters, case studies, and FAQs
  • Adhere to strict deadlines, get things done – ensure that quality work is delivered on time
  • Ability to translate complex ideas and information into organized and guided resources to enhance the end-user experience
Must be ➜
  • Compulsive Communicator
  • Digital Freewheeler

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