Presentation Specialist (MS Suite)

If you have in-depth expertise with bulletins below, we’d undoubtedly like to gig you with us!







Key Responsibilities

  • Work on creating high-quality presentation templates from scratch.
  • Present data effectively using visuals/ icons and other graphic elements such as charts, graphs, maps, tables, and text.
  • Relevant 4-5 years of experience in creating impressive Powerpoint presentations.
  • Please improve the overall look and feel of the presentations and documents while following the corporate brand guidelines.
  • Utilize graphic design tools and software to create custom PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, templates, and content.
  • Good understanding of powerpoint animation.
  • Conceptualizing visuals based on requirements.
  • Produce PowerPoint presentations, and Word and Excel templates.
  • Attention to detail and proofreading skills.
  • Expert level in Microsoft Suite.
Must be ➜
  • Dr PPT
  • Brand Designer

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