Content & Research Strategist – Junior

You will join a team and be part of a collaborative and innovative team of developers and stakeholders to create visually delightful and simple digital products






3-5 Years

Need to:

  • Work closely with the Marketing, SEO, and Design teams and develop/manage content
  • Create content, manage and monitor the company’s social media accounts and build constructive interaction with users
  • Create research-based content and social media plans and generate metric-based insight reports
  • Outline and implement necessary changes & strategies to the digital marketing plan
  • Should be able to ideate creatives & content for B2B and B2C domains
  • Research and develop communication content for slides, handouts, infographics, posters, case studies, and FAQs
  • Adhere to strict deadlines, get things done – ensure that quality work is delivered on time
  • Ability to translate complex ideas and information into organized and guided resources to enhance the end-user experience

Must be:

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